COVID-19 Update 4/22/2020

My Sisters and Brothers,

In my message today, I’d like to talk a little more personally about this extraordinary time in our history and the resilience of my UAW family.

I have been with this union for more than 40 years, starting out in the plant as a young man. Like most of us, I have never seen anything like what we’re facing today and could never have anticipated living through times like these. I know that so many of you, like me, have lost loved ones and are grieving those losses. And I know you worry everyday about your families, your communities and what the coming weeks will mean for us all.

I have closed most of my updates during this crisis by saying that we are all in this together. Solidarity has always been our strength and the power of this union, but it has never been more clear — or more critical — than it is right now. I see this every day in the strength of my UAW family as we step up to help one another and this nation.

I want my UAW family and every single one of our employers to know that it is the wellbeing of my brothers and sisters that is dictating all of my decisions and the decisions and work of your leadership and the International Executive Board; and that will continue to be our litmus test as we navigate the coming weeks and the restart of this economy.

Next week on April 28, we will observe Workers’ Memorial Day and commemorate those brothers and sisters -— and working men and women from all corners of the world — who have been injured, disabled or have lost their lives in the line of duty. It is always a sober reminder of the risks that hard working women and men face when they set off to work each day, but this year it seems even more poignant.

I am sad to also report today that we have lost two more members of our family to the virus. A member from the Folgers facility in Louisiana passed, and we lost a member from Ford Dearborn Truck Plant. Our heartfelt sympathies go to their family and friends.

I want to personally thank every single member of this great union for what you’re doing for your families and communities and for your strength as we face the unprecedented challenges ahead.

Please stay safe, continue to support one another and continue to adhere to the CDC guidelines,  For more updates and questions that you may have about your worksite, visit

And once again, please remember that we are all in this together.

In solidarity,

Rory L. Gamble