Joint Statement: Rory L. Gamble, UAW President; Ray Curry, UAW Secretary-Treasurer and Director of the Heavy Truck Department; Mitchell Smith, UAW Region 8 Director


“The hard working men and women of IC Bus (Navistar) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, their families and their community deserve better than the risky behavior that what we’re currently seeing. After committing to a 40-year lease, the City of Tulsa is seeking to back out of its promise after only 20 years. More than 1,600 jobs will be lost if this plant closes, a devastating blow to the community and the families of these workers. This agreement between the City and Navistar has not only delivered on the original intent, which was to provide jobs and local revenue, it has exceeded initial projections of job creation by about 30% and pumps millions of dollars each year into the community. Thanks to the dedicated UAW Local 5010 members, IC Bus is one of the world’s leading producers of the most technically advanced school buses. In today’s world and today’s economy, success stories like this should be supported and applauded. The Mayor needs to understand UAW members’ jobs are not bargaining chips in lease negotiations. We urge Tulsa officials to honor their agreement with the working men and women of this community and find a path forward that ensures the preservation of this vital economic engine of Tulsa.”