UAW President Rory L. Gamble Applauds Law Enforcement for Breaking Up Plot Against Michigan Governance

Detroit - “UAW members are grateful to law enforcement authorities for putting aside in this very divisive time any partisan differences and breaking up perhaps the most direct threat to our U.S. democracy since the murder of President Abraham Lincoln and conspiracy against the U.S. Government. And we are thankful for the health and safety of all those who were targeted in this incident.

The FBI, many local police authorities, both Michigan U.S. Attorneys Andrew Birge and Matthew Schneider and Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel worked together to uncover a very real plot to destabilize the government in Michigan and to stoke extremist civil war in our country. In addition to saving the lives of targeted police officers, Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer and possibly Michigan legislators, these heroes saved our democracy from what is essentially an extremist coup and protected those who serve that democracy.

We are so proud of our men and women in blue, who bravely go to work every day to keep us all safe. The UAW represents many police officers and they are truly unsung heroes, who have been on the front lines of this pandemic as they are always on the front lines when our nation and our communities are in need.

At the UAW, we understand that this pandemic has frustrated all of us. But there is no greater liberty than the lives we all protect through our shared responsibility to each other. We must remind ourselves that sacrifices due to COVID-19 protocols are a temporary inconvenience that protects us all from this dangerous pandemic. COVID is the foe -- not each other.”