Unemployment Help

Attached are the following items:

1)      Most up to date status list of all the claims I have processed thus far;

2)      Final list of all claimants who have unresolved  identity issues;

3)      The daily spreadsheet consists of a list of claimants that need to provide me wage information on the first tab and a list of all claimants that have a new B3 form on the second tab. All B3 forms will be at the hall for claimants to sign. 

Resolved Claims:

The claims that are in green are claims that I have resolved for the time being.

If there is a box beside the claimant’s name that only says “resolved”, there should be nothing more to do on their claim.

 If the box by the claimant’s name includes “further information”, a further explanation about their claim will follow and will inform the claimant that they did not file a particular week, filed no weeks, or have provided them instructions to fill out a B3 form.

Regardless of whether a resolved claim has further instructions are not, we will check each one to make sure they have gotten paid the weeks they have filed, make sure they are assisted if they reopen their claim to file additional weeks, and ensure that they are sent a B3 when applicable and that the weeks on the B3 form get keyed. All of these steps will be taken before we sign off on completing this project.

Unresolved claims:

Each unresolved claim is different and the timeline for each type of unresolved claims are different as well.

Need wages:

This type of unresolved claim only requires for the claimant to provide wages as requested. Once we have received those wages, we will key them in and release future payments.

Backdate pending:

This will require a different department to approve or not approve a backdate request. A decision usually is made in two weeks or less. If the claimant is approved, they will receive a B3 for the week that the backdate was for. If a backdate is denied, the claimant will need to file an appeal to overturn the decision. The backdate decision will be communicated through the updated claimant list.

B3 forms:

Even though the claim will say that is resolved, it does take time for a B3 form to be processed. Once we have determined that a B3 form has been returned to VUIS, the claimant’s information is escalated to the monetary department. Once there, we are checking to see if the weeks have been keyed and that all issues are removed from the claim. While there is no definitive timeline for this completion, we are doing everything in our power to get this done as quickly as possible.

Identity Issues:

Attached to this email are all of the claimants, out of the pool of the 608 total claimants that have an identity issue(s) on their claim. The Radford office will be in contact with them to set up an appointment. It is important that if a claimant is contacted, that they respond as quickly as possible. The next couple of weeks, we will have a system in place that will expedite the resolution of these cases. After this time period has passed, they will need to follow the standard way of clearing these issues, which will be much more delayed. The complete list of QI issues is the best way to identify if the claimant has this issue on their claim. The list includes claimants that I have not reviewed (I have reviewed a little over half so far) and also includes a very small handful of claimants that say their claim is resolved on the spreadsheet, but a policy changed that made the claimant need to go through the formal identity removal process.

Monetary Eligibility:

We are escalating those, and following up frequently.


If a claimant is told to file an appeal, they need to do so in a timely manner (within 30 days of when the decision was made). These claimants should have received a letter from the VEC that explains the appeal process. If we see they need to file an appeal or that an appeal has been filed, we will also notate it on the updated claims sheet. There is no expedited process for this, they will just need to start an appeal process and they will get their chance to appeal the decision once the appeals office gets to their claim.

Expected Timeline of Project:

I expect that by next week, I will have been able to review every claim at least once. This will mean you will have the mass majority of all of the B3 forms, wage requests, and everyone will have a chance to see a preliminary status on their claim.

Once I have gone over everyone on the list, I will check every claim again to determine if the claim is:

1)      Completely resolved (all three weeks have been processed, with one being a waiting week);

2)      Partially resolved (all weeks have been processed that the claimant has claimed, but the claimant did not file for all three weeks);

3)      B3 form pending;

4)      Updated status of all unresolved claims EXCEPT for appeals;

5)      Claimants that will need to appeal.

This part will take at least two weeks so that we can give time to the other departments to work these claims correctly. 

If you have any questions, email [email protected]