UAW Vice President Terry Dittes: Biden-Harris Ready on Day One

UAW Vice President Terry Dittes, who directs the union’s General Motors’ Department, said he’s “very excited” about the Biden-Harris ticket.

Dittes, who as a past Regional Director represented the Scranton region where Biden grew up, said the candidate is well grounded in the everyday lives of UAW members.

“Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are very grounded in the struggles that  UAW members and their families are facing today,” he said. “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have not forgotten where they came from and will address the real issues for working families.

And for Dittes, who led the UAW GM Department through the 2019 strike, he finds the focus on real job creation and building where products are sold to be key for UAW members.

“The Biden-Harris ticket is ready to start providing jobs in the USA on Day One. Today we have double digit unemployment, and manufacturing has contracted during the past four years. The focus needs to change from incentives for corporations and anti-worker judges to building products here in the USA and the Biden-Harris ticket has made that part of their platform for America.”

Dittes said the possibilities for a Biden-Harris Oval Office can bring solidarity of purpose and a renewed focus on jobs for UAW members and working families.

“The Biden-Harris ticket promotes unity and fighting for the soul of the country,” he added.  “This ticket is so exciting. It reminds me of the Obama-Biden ticket: instilling hope and unity and real leadership for our great country.”