Vice President Cindy Estrada: This election is critical for us all

As delegates gather online for this year’s historic Democratic National Convention, UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada says this online-only convention is key to success in November, especially for women.

“It’s exciting because we have the first African-American and Southeast Asian woman vice presidential nominee running a strong, dynamic program,” says Estrada. “Kamala Harris understands the importance of unions and that people are ready for a change.” She also noted that this week marks the 100th anniversary of the passage of the19th amendment, which granted women the right to vote. Estrada says it’s groundbreaking to have Harris on the ticket for vice president because it shows that the world is changing and brings gender and racial diversity to the ticket and the conversation.

As delegates around the country gather online to nominate who will challenge the incumbent in November, the stakes couldn’t be higher, emphasizes Estrada. “The soul of our country is at stake this November. We are seeing a rise in division and hate in our nation. But now, we have a presidential ticket with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris that sees the value of bringing our country together to fight COVID, repair our supply chains, create a green economy, treat people with dignity and support working families. It’s all at risk for UAW members right now.”

Estrada says Joe Biden will push to protect UAW members and their families through labor law reform, protecting Social Security, bringing jobs home and strengthening our communities. For Estrada it gets back to the organizing basics, which UAW members do so well. Whether it is pressure on lawmakers or making our voices heard in our communities, Estrada observed, “People on the ground are what make people in power stronger by holding them accountable, just like UAW members do everyday at the table across from employers and in the halls of power.”

“The first step is making sure everyone votes in November to bring about a positive change. We must all participate. The future of our kids’ lives is at stake,” added Estrada.