Texas Labor Makes Choices

The Texas AFL-CIO chose candidates at their political convention in Austin January 28-29. They also passed resolutions favoring labor, including one asking for a cease fire in the Middle East. The complete list of candidates endorsed is on the Dallas AFL-CIO web site.

Congresswoman Jasmin Crockett was endorsed for re-election

Congresswoman Jasmin Crockett is pictured. She was endorsed for re-election

Senate candidates

The labor convention held the first-ever debate among leading contenders for a Texas Senate seat. Newspersons statewide covered the event. Afterward, Texas labor chose to endorse Congressman Collin Allred of Dallas. He is the center of 3 candidates. At left in the photo is Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy. If Allred wins the primary, he will face long time SenatorTed Cruz in November.

Delegates lined up to discuss the resolution on cease fire

The political convention had a dramatic discussion on a resolution for a cease fire in the Middle East. Young Active Labor Leaders, labor's youth group, held a forum on Zionism the night before the convention began. They were asking Texas labor to take a position similar to the one already passed by the UAW International and other labor bodies. A voice vote of "ayes" and "nays" did not yield a clear result so the convention took the time for a roll call vote. All the UAW delegates voted "aye," and our side won by 57%. All the delegates practiced our way of doing things by disagreeing without being disagreeable.

A lot of the proceedings were captured in video on the Dallas AFL-CIO Facebook Page.

Gene Lantz, Chris Cruz, Robert Roach

Texas retirees held their convention on January 27 before the AFL-CIO's. Alliance for Retired Americans President Robert Roach was the main speaker. All three officers were re-elected by acclamation:

  • Treasurer Elaine Jones of CWA (not pictured)
  • Secretary Chris Cruz of TSEU
  • President Gene Lantz of UAW 848