Region 8's Community Action Program took a recess to go and help out at the North Texas Food Bank. We opened crates of food and re-packaged them for hungry families.

The Election Committee is set, though they might take more volunteers, and the official election notice has been sent out.

Monthly membership meetings are the core of democracy in our union. The February 3rd Sunday meeting started the process for electing our officers.

The Texas AFL-CIO chose candidates at their political convention in Austin January 28-29. They also passed resolutions favoring labor, including one asking for a cease fire in the Middle East. The complete list of candidates endorsed is on the Dallas AFL-CIO web site.

The Stand Up Strike of 2023 has unprecedented support!

In North Texas, we have two picket lines. UAW816 from General Motors pickets during daylight hours at 301 Freedom Dr in Roanoke. UAW2360 from Stellantis pickets 24/7 at 2505 E Beltline in Carrollton. As President Shawn Fain says, "Everybody is welcome!"

President Fain

Union meetings democratically determine things that make a great deal of difference in our lives. 

UAW Local 848 members have three monthly meetings that they can attend:

If you’re a new member of the UAW, the New Member issue of Solidarity magazine will help give you a better understanding of how our organization functions on a day-to-day basis. It’s a valuable resource for any member interested in increasing their knowledge of our union.

You can download it here, and share it with fellow UAW members.

In this issue:

UAW Local 848 leadership is conferring and getting ready for 2024. We'll be facing contract expirations, union elections, and some very exciting politics in 2024

UAW 848 leadership, December, 2023

UAW Local 848 hosted the President of UAW Local 2360, on strike against Stellantis in Carrollton, during our October 15 Membership Meeting. Brother Cleo Wynn talked about going into the 4th week of the strike. He said that they are holding strong. Everyone was encouraged to visit the picket line at 2205 E Beltline Rd in Carrollton. UAW 816 is also picketing at 301 Freedom Drive in Roanoke.

On August 27, 2023, union brothers and sisters, family, and friends of Chase Buie gathered at the Uptown Theater on Main Street in Grand Prairie. There was a big turnout and a lot of love.