Union Meetings Matter

Monthly membership meetings are the core of democracy in our union. The February 3rd Sunday meeting started the process for electing our officers. We also took some time to join one of our members in some important charitable work.

The first step in UAW local elections is to elect our Election Committee. They set up and run our elections without any kind of favoritism. In February, we were fortunate to get some great volunteers. There are still a couple of slots that could be filled by active or retired members. Contact Jeff Benge at the hall.

Election Committee Volunteers

Five volunteers are pictured in front of President Anthony Esparza.

Chairman Adam Rondon asked our members if they could help Brother Corey Gregg. Gregg and his daughter are working on a march for a little-known disease called London’s Lymphedema.  The march starts at 1PM on March 3 at Cedar hill Recreation Center, 310 E Parkerville Rd, Cedar Hill, TX 75104-7111   Contact Corey at [email protected] or 214 402 8958 to find out more.

President Anthony Esparza asked members if they would like to contribute during the meeting, and $332 in cash was raised. President Esparza then volunteered another $100 on his own.

Lots of good things happen at our meetings!