Win with Autoworkers

The Stand Up Strike of 2023 has unprecedented support!

In North Texas, we have two picket lines. UAW816 from General Motors pickets during daylight hours at 301 Freedom Dr in Roanoke. UAW2360 from Stellantis pickets 24/7 at 2505 E Beltline in Carrollton. As President Shawn Fain says, "Everybody is welcome!"

President Fain

President Fain does updates on Facebook and Youtube at least once a week. His October 7 speech at a rally in Chicago is on YouTube at Listen to these speeches. Learn how we can start winning in the UAW! Solidarity actions are being organized through the AFL-CIO of Tarrant and Dallas Counties. If you want to help, but don't know for sure what to do, contact me: [email protected].

My podcast on the unusual nature of the UAW strike: