Local Bylaws

 Article 1 Name

Section 1: This organization shall be known as Local 129, International Union, United Automobile Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America. (U.A.W.)


Article 2 Constitution and Bylaws

Section 1. The constitution of this Local Union shall be the constitution of the International Union, UAW and these by-laws shall be in all respects subordinate to said constitution and applications and interpretations.

Section 2. These unit bylaws are in effect a supplement to the bylaws of Local 129 and wherein these unit bylaws do not provide for constitution provisions, the bylaws of Local 129 will be used, in addition, the unit and local union bylaws shall be in all respects subordinate to the International Constitution and all applications and interpretations.


Article 3. Fiscal Year

Section 1. The fiscal year of this Local Union shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31.


Article 4 Membership

Section 1. The local union shall be composed of workers eligible membership in the International Union, United Automobile Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America, (UAW) over whom the local union has jurisdiction.

Section 2. Each member in good standing of this local union has the right to nominate and vote, express opinions on all subjects before this local union, to attend all membership meetings and express views, arguments and opinions on all matters and business, including candidate for office, properly before the meeting, to meet and assemble freely with other members and generally, to participate in the activities of the local union in a responsible manner consistent with good conscience in order to preserve and discuss factually and honestly the issues and personalities upon which the membership must base its decisions. These rights shall at all times be the subject to the rules of procedure governing meetings and other uniform rules and regulations contained in the Constitution, bylaws and other official rules of the local union.


A member in exercising the foregoing rights and privileges, shall not take any irresponsible action which would tend to jeopardize or destroy, or be detrimental to, either the local or International Unions as organizations, or their free democratic heritage, or which would interfere with the performance by this local union or the International Union of its legal or contractual obligations of this Local Union as an affiliate of the International Union.

Violation or abuse of the rights and privileges of membership, or engaging in conduct prohibited by this section, shall be considered unbecoming a union member.

Section 3. The membership shall strive to obtain the objectives set forth in the International Constitution and additional objectives as established as the policy of the International Union, to maintain free relations with other organizations, to do all in its power to strengthen and promote the labor movement, to cooperate with Regional board members and the International Representatives and help promote organizational activities.

Section 4.  All union dues are payable during the current month to the Financial Secretary of the Local Union. Minimum union dues shall be a sum equivalent to two (2) hours straight time pay per month, as applicable to Article 16 Section 2 of the International Constitution.


Article 5 Membership Meetings

Section 1. The regular monthly Amalgamated membership meeting shall be determined by the Executive Board and/or a majority vote of the membership. The meeting calendar for the following year shall be made available to the membership at the December membership meeting.

In the event it is necessary to deviate from the above schedule for any reason, sufficient and proper notice will be given to the membership stating any change in the date, time, or place of the meeting.

Section 2. Special meetings will be called after two (2) days notice except in cases of emergency by one of the following:

  1. Two- thirds 2/3 vote by executive board members present at the executive board meeting.
  2. The President or
  3. Written request signed by a majority of the membership.

Section 3. Members present at any meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Section 4. The agenda for regular meetings shall be in accordance with Article 42 of the Constitution of the International Union. The agenda for special meetings shall be set forth in the notice of such meeting.

Section 5. Any member who attends the meeting in an intoxicated condition and/or creates a disturbance or becomes unruly shall lose voice and his/her right to vote in said meeting. Where necessary, to maintain order, the member may be evicted from the meeting by order of the Chair, subject to the challenge of the membership. Flagrant or persistent violation of this section by any member shall be conduct unbecoming of a union member.

Section 6. All meetings of Local 129 shall be governed by Roberts Rule of Order.


Article 6 Powers of Administration

Section 1. The membership is the highest authority of this Local Union and shall be empowered to take or direct any action not consistent with the constitution or bylaws.

Section 2. Between membership meetings, the Executive Board shall be the highest authority of the Local Union, and shall be empowered to act on behalf of the membership, to the extent of urgent business that requires prompt and decisive action, subject to subsequent membership approval. However, the Executive Board may not take action affecting the vital interest of the Local Union without prior approval of the membership.

Section 3. The President shall have general administrative authority between meetings of the Executive Board and shall be empowered to act on behalf of and take action subsequent to approval of the Executive Board.

Section 4. Between meetings of the Executive Board the President or Financial Secretary shall be empowered to issue withdraw cards.






Article 7 Local Union Officers

Section 1. The local union shall have the following executive officers:

President                                                 Sergeant-at-Arms

Vice-President                                         Guide

Recording Secretary                                Trustee (3)

Financial Secretary-Treasurer

Section  2. These officers shall be nominated and elected in accordance with Article 38 of the International Constitution.

Section 3. If a vacancy occurs in any Executive Office other than the Presidency, a special election will be held without delay. The procedure for such elections are applicable to Article 38, Section 2 of the International Constitution.


Article 8 Executive Board

Section 1. The Local Union Executive Officers shall constitute the Executive Board of the Local Union.

Section  2. The Executive Board shall direct payment of ordinary and necessary bills and expenses of the Local Union.

Section  3. The Executive Board shall report all disbursements to the next regular amalgamated membership meeting.

  1. Minutes will be taken of all Executive Board meetings by the Recording Secretary and shall be available to the membership at meetings.
  2. All decisions and recommendations of the Executive Board shall be referred to the next regular membership meeting.

Section 4. Every unit of the amalgamated local union shall be represented by the shop chairperson/member at large of that unit with voice and vote on the Executive Board.


Article 9 Stewards and Committeepersons

Section 1. Stewards and Committeepersons shall be elected in the districts and/or zones as agreed to in the collective bargaining agreement.

Section 2. Stewards and/or committee persons shall be nominated and elected from the district, zone and/or shift that is applicable to your unit. All elected or appointed alternates, committeepersons or Stewards must attend two (2) out of every three (3) unit and membership meetings held monthly in order to hold their respective positions. Per UAW Constitution, Article 37 Sec. 5

Section 3. There shall be a seven day notice for stewards and/or committeepersons elections, setting forth dates, time and place for nominations and elections.

Section 4. Stewards and/or committee person shall be elected by plurality vote. Where there is only one nomination, the nominee shall be declared elected.

Section 5. The Chairperson shall appoint a steward and/or committee person to fill a vacancy pending an election and shall notify the President of the appointment. Such temporary appointment shall not exceed (30) calendar days.

Section 6. A vote on the question recalling a steward or committee person may be initiated by a petition setting forth the reasons why the recall is sought and signed by at least 50% of the current members working under the jurisdiction of the steward or committeeperson.

Section 7.

  1. A member can run for one (1) Executive Board position and/or (1) Non-Executive Board position: (ex. Shop chair is an executive board at large) at their local union.
  2. A member cannot run for two (2) Non-Executive Board positions (ex. Committeeperson and alternate committeeperson or chairperson/steward).

Fifty (50%) of the current members working under the jurisdiction of the steward or committee person must be present at the recall meeting to establish a quorum.

A two-thirds 2/3 vote of those present and voting is necessary to recall.


Article 10 Committees

Section 1. The standing committees of the Amalgamated Local Union shall be:

Constitution and Bylaws                          Conservation and Recreation

Union Label                                             Community Services

Education                                                Civil Rights

Citizenship and Legislative                      Skilled Trades

Consumer Affairs                                     Health & Safety

Veterans                                                  Chaplaincy

Women’s Committee

All committees shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Board. These committees shall perform all duties assigned to them in accordance with the constitution and bylaws and additional duties as they may be directed by the Executive Board or Membership.


Article 11 Elections and Election Committee

Section 1.  A standing election committee shall be democratically elected for three (3) years to supervise all elections of the local union. The Election Committee shall be nominated and elected at the January membership meeting prior to the triennial election. Nominations shall be made from the floor and the election shall be secret ballot.

Section  2.  The Nomination procedure for the local union shall be:

  1. All eligible members shall be considered nominated.
  2. An official acceptance form must be signed for a member to be added to the ballot.

Section 3. Election of Local Officers and Executive Board Members shall be made by secret ballot by the use of establishing polling places (ballot boxes)

Section  4. A member who is seeking election to the Executive Board may mail campaign information to the membership provided they pay all costs for mailing such information. All mailings shall be overseen by the Financial Secretary of the Local.

Section  5. If a Bargaining Committee Chairperson is absent temporarily from his or her position, he/she has the right to appoint his/her replacement. In case of a vacancy due to death or resignation, the President shall consult with the Bargaining Committee and appoint a temporary replacement until an election takes place.

Section 6. No candidate in any election shall be a member of the Election Committee having supervision over such an election.

Section 7. The Election Committee shall consult and cooperate with the President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary and Head Trustee in establishing the procedures for an election.

Section 8. All mailed ballots will be picked up at the designated post office box on the day the ballots are due.

Section 9. Nomination forms and ballots will be mailed to over-the-road truck drivers and members of any unit over 100 miles from UAW Local 129.


Article 12 Finances

Section 1. The Local Union’s initiation fee, as determined by the International Constitution Article 16, Section 1 shall be ten ($10.00) dollars per member. A reinstatement fee shall be ten ($10.00) dollars per member.

Section 2. The local union shall pay a member or representative lost time when that member or representative is performing necessary duties for and on behalf of the local union during a time which he/she would otherwise be compensated by the employer. The amount of lost time shall never exceed the amount which the local union representative or member would otherwise have received from his/her employer for the same period of time for which she/he is being compensated by the local union.

Section 3.

  1. Delegates representing the local union shall be furnished coach air travel as incurred and will be paid for all lost time at their regular rate of pay.
  2. Per Diem shall be paid according to the International Executive Board Policy concerning per diem Overnight Stay, Transportation, and Lost Time.
  3. When required to stay overnight, the delegate(s) will be furnished a hotel-room.
  4. Delegates will be reimbursed for the rate of a single room or one-half the rate of a double if shared with another member. Room reservations will be made on a double occupancy basis whenever possible.
  5. Reimbursement for meals shall not exceed the current International policy.
  6. Per Diem for one-half day (not staying overnight) while representing the local union will not exceed $20.
  7. When traveling by air, the actual cost of airfare is not to exceed coach fare.
  8. When traveling by automobile, only one driver will be paid the current UAW International allowable rate.
  9. When two or more delegates are attending the same function they are required to share transportation.

10. The local union will not be responsible for any form of transportation to or from the airport in the Dallas/Fort Worth area or surrounding cities (ex. Buses, Taxi’s, or Shuttles, etc.). The Local Union will not be responsible for reimbursement for parking of any kind at the airport.

  1. 11.  The Local Union will reimburse (with receipt) for transportation to or from the Hotel or Conference while out of town on union business.
  2. 12.  The Local Union will only reimburse (with receipt) a baggage fee of $25 per bag up to $50 total round trip flight.
  3. 13.  If the Airlines cancel or changes a flight due to inclement weather or maintenance that would require additional hotel stay or layover for UAW local 129 member or members out of town on union business, Local 129 will reimburse for Hotel, Per Diem, Taxi or Shuttle and Lost Time with receipts.
  4. 14.  Every member of Local 129 on all three (3) shifts or 12 hour shifts (1,2,& 3), are entitled to a full day travel…ex.(if  a member arrives home after a conference at 10:30 a.m. that member will report to work the following day a regular time(2nd shift at 2:00p.m., member will report the following day at 2:00 p.m.) (3rd shift, if a member arrives home at 3:30 p.m., that member should report to work the next night at regular time 3rd shift at 10:00 p.m.)

Section 4. In the event that the expenditures are over the aforementioned per diem they shall be brought to the Executive Board for approval with valid receipt. This Local Union will, at all times, comply with the policies of the International Executive Board in regards to travel.

Section 5. The President of the Local shall be entitled to a monthly allowance of $350.00 to be paid monthly. The President shall be entitled to one (1) week per month and one (1) day per week per month lost time to perform his or her presidential duties.

The Financial Secretary of the local shall be entitled to a monthly allowance of $250.00 to be paid monthly. The Financial Secretary shall have training in clerical staff duties.

All other officers of the Local will not receive a monthly allowance but shall be paid lost time and mileage to perform the duties of their elected position on an as needed basis.

Section 6. Hours worked for union business shall not exceed a day’s paid lost time based on each units work schedule, however, should a unit’s work schedule include days other than Monday through Friday, they shall be compensated.

Section 7. Any and/or all contracts and/or agreements must bear the signature of two of the top four Executive Board Officers as required by the UAW Constitution and be approved by the membership.

Section 8. Clerical staff shall be paid according to the agreement between Local 129 and OPEIU Local 2348. Their duties shall consist of: Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable, Travel Arrangements, and Check Processing, working closely with Roberts Custom Software, Ordering Supplies, and Answering phones. The Clerical staff will answer directly to the President of the Local Union.

Article 13 Eligibility for Executive Office.

Section 1. Eligibility for Executive office in the local union shall be in accordance with provisions set forth by the International Constitution. Reference Article 38, Section 3.


Article 14 Attendance Rules

Section 1. All Executive Officers and other members of the Executive Board must attend two out of every three membership meetings and two out of every three Executive Board meetings unless properly excused in order to hold respective office or position.

Section 2. All elected or appointed unit representatives must attend two out of every three meetings held in their unit and membership meetings unless properly excused in order to hold the respective office or position.

Section 3. Excused Executive Board members and Bargaining Committee members mentioned in sections 1 and 2 shall be presented to the membership by the presiding officer for approval or disapproval at each regular monthly meeting.

Section 4. Any member chosen that accepts attendance at a UAW Educational Conference shall be required to attend the entire conference. Failure to attend will void all financial obligations of the local.


Article 15 Delegates from Local Union

Section 1. All Delegates to the International Conventions shall be chosen pursuant to provisions of Article 8 of the International Constitution.

Section 2. Any delegates for conferences, in compliance with the Call Letter, shall be elected by the membership.


 Article 16 Order of Business

Section 1. The Local Union’s order of business for local union meetings is as set forth in Article 42 of the Constitution of the International Union.



Article 17 Appeals

Section 1. Any member who is dissatisfied with the actions or decisions of the Local Union or any representative shall take his/her appeal of complaint to the local union Recording Secretary, in writing, within (60) days, as permitted by Article 33 of the International Constitution.

  1. The Executive Board shall refer the matter to the Bargaining Committee or Stewards council if it involves collective bargaining. Otherwise, the Executive Board shall consider the matter itself.
  2. Whichever of these bodies the matter is referred to shall consult with the grievant, permit her/him to be heard and shall reach a decision.
  3.  Within thirty (30) days of receiving a notice of such a decision, the grievant, if wishing to appeal further, shall submit her/his appeal to the Recording Secretary, in writing, for consideration by the earliest possible membership meeting.


Article 18 Strikes and Strike Committee

Section 1. The bylaws provide that all strikes shall be called and terminated only in strict conformance with Article 50 of the International Constitution.


Articles 19 General

Section 1. All Local Union Officers, Committees, Stewards and other members handling funds or other property of the Local Union shall, at the completion of their duties, turn over all papers, documents, funds, and/or union property to the properly constituted Local Union Officials.

Section  2. Whenever in these bylaws a pronoun is used, it refers equally where the reference is applicable to both men and women in the singular and plural.

Section 3. Payment for any lost time incurred by a member or members of a Bargaining Committee must be authorized by the Executive Board. Lost Time is defined as scheduled work hours lost due to union business.

Section 4. No agent or official of the Local Union is authorized to execute a real estate lease, deed, service, or maintenance contract or other long-term agreement unless proposed agreement has been reviewed by an outside expert or attorney and approved by the Local Union.


Article 20. General

Section 1. Clerical staff hired by the Local Union must be qualified to perform the work required; and they must be hired for a position that must necessarily be filled, by the President subject to the approval of the Local Union.

Section 2. The membership list of Local 129 shall not be made available to anyone except for the performance of official Union Business or to satisfy the requirements of the law.


Article 21 Amendments

Section 1. These bylaws may be amended only by presented a motion, in writing, setting forth the amendments sought to any amalgamated membership meeting.

Section 2. The motion shall be read at that meeting and referred to the Constitution and Bylaws committee. It must contain a notice of the particular bylaw amendments that shall be considered.

Section 3. If approved by two-thirds of the membership voting at this succeeding meeting, the amendment shall be considered adopted by the membership.