Payroll: ADP

Registering on the ADP Mobile Solutions App? Follow these instructions!
STEP 1 Click New? Get Started at the very bottom of the screen
STEP 2 Click Yes when asked if you have a registration code
STEP 3 Enter registration code volvo-volvo
STEP 4 Enter your personal identity information: First and Last name, Social Security Number and Date of Birth
STEP 5 Select from two options to verify your identity: Either provide a phone number that will be sent a registration code or answer identity questions
STEP 6 Add your contact information in order to receive account notifications
STEP 7 At this step, you will be given your unique USER ID and asked to created your PASSWORD.
Make sure you write down your generated USER ID and PASSWORD so you don’t forget them!

The ADP tool is used by the Volvo Group worldwide and provides you with the ability to view your pay statements digitally at anytime in a secured and confidential manner.

Registering online at

Follow these instructions!
STEP 1 Click Create Account
STEP 2 Click I Have A Registration Code
STEP 3 Enter registration code volvo-volvo
STEPS 4-7 Are the same as when registering on the ADP app. See the left column for Steps 4-7.