February 2024 President's Report



“There's a direct relationship between the ballot box and the bread box.”  The UAW has always supported labor candidates who support the working class, their paychecks, and best interests.  The primaries are upon us.  Let's take advantage of early voting from February 20 to March 1.  Election day is March 5, 2024.  A listing of 2024 Labor Candidate Endorsements will be posted soon.


The UAW International Executive Board has come to a decision regarding the 2023 UAW Local 276 election appeals.  The conclusion maintains:

“In reviewing election results, there were some practices to such an extent that made the election unfair.  Several issues were presented during this election, including wrong ballots being distributed in certain races and ballots not counted during the recount for the office of second vice president.  Based on the evidence submitted, we support Stanley's claim that a free and fair election had gone astray.

“The election was exceedingly close.  As such, we must carefully scrutinize any asserted error which may have allegedly occurred.  The question here is whether the membership was disenfranchised to such an extent that the results did not represent the will of the electorate.

“In support of and to maintain the integrity of the Constitution and to protect the sanctity of UAW elections, as well as fulfilling our constitutional duties, we have no alternative to order a new election for the office of second vice president and guide.  This should be done relatively quickly and at a reasonable expense.”

The IEB also states, “…There has been enough evidence to provide a sufficient basis for setting aside these offices [the offices of second vice president and guide] but not the entire election…”


The protests of Tracy Triano, Justin Anderson, and Kevin Pritchett were accepted by the membership at the Regular General Business meeting on May 21, 2023.  Therefore, a re-election for their particular appeals is in order per Article 45 of the UAW Constitution.  Dates and Times are TBD.


The new Building Committee is forming.  The purpose of this committee is to solicit builders and/or architecture firms, measure costs, and search for union labor and contractual work for re-building or renovating our union hall.  We are asking for two (2) Skilled Tradespersons, three (3) general members, and one (1) retiree to participate.  Applications must be filled out at the union hall by 3:00 PM on Friday, March 1, 2024.


Let’s support our union brothers and sisters of Teamsters Local 997 in Fort Worth, Texas.  Teamster members at Molson Coors (the manufacturer of Miller Lite, Coors Lite, and many other brands) are on strike for better wages.  According to the Teamsters website, this location in North Texas is “the only brewery that services the entire Western region of the United States with major Molson Coors products.”  Not purchasing Molson Coors products could greatly help our brothers and sisters achieve needed financial gains in their contract.


In effort to improve our communication we now have a mass text messaging system please sign up to receive notices.  You can scan the QR code below to join our text distribution list and receive texts directly from UAW Local 276! 

(Please note that the text number is unmonitored, and any text sent to it cannot be viewed by UAW Local 276 representatives or staff.)


Should you have any questions about this President’s report, please contact the Union Hall at 972-647-1282.




Note: the link for the text signup is https://eztxt.net/5G6zVF

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