UNIT 1 (GM) Part-Time Temporary to Full-Time Temporary

The Local Union and Management are committed to aid in the process of running operations while also providing relief for our members, including their ability to get scheduled time off and to improve their quality of life.  After much discussion, the Local Union and Management have mutually agreed to the following:

  • Identified part-time temporary employees will be offered the ability to work as full-time temporary employees and be able to work a 6-day work schedule, including overtime.
  • The employees will be offered this in on-boarding order, starting with those who have been here for the longest amount of time.
  • For those who were on-boarded in the same class, their GMIN will be the tiebreaker, with the lower GMIN being offered a full-time temporary position first.
  • These identified employees will be made aware and must sign the acceptance form to have the ability to work as a full-time temporary employee.
  • If an employee accepts the full-time position and elects to return to a part-time position, their slot will be filled by the next employee, in on-boarding order, that accepts to work this schedule.  Furthermore, if an employee that goes from full-time temporary to part-time temporary decides that they would like to return to a full-time temporary status then they would have to wait until another opening occurs, which will be offered in order of employees’ on-boarded date and order.

The identified part-time employees will now have a stable schedule.  Canvassing for these opportunities began on April 17, 2023, at 6:00 AM.  Please be prepared to decide on your work schedule if the canvassing gets to you.

 In Solidarity,

Kenny Hines
Unit 1 (GM) Chairperson