Local 276 Standing Committees: Roles and Responsibilities

Greetings my Brothers and Sisters:

I would like to begin by expressing my deep state of gratitude for you, the membership.  First and foremost, I am grateful to serve as your Second Vice President.  Thank you for electing me.  I am grateful for your hard work and due diligence.  Throughout all our differences we managed to stay the course by showing solidarity and continuous support for our Local Union.  For that, too, I am grateful.  Thank you for your solidarity!

The purpose of this newsletter is to educate the membership about the roles and responsibilities of my position (Second Vice President) as well as the Standing Committees of our Local.  Through our commitment to education, we find the lack of knowledge to be the bane of a strong Local Union.  Standing Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs have committed to a one-time weekly publishing to introduce themselves and explain their Committee's function, role, and responsibilities.

Second Vice President's role: Two Functions

UAW Constitution Article 40; Vice President Section 2.

The Vice President or Vice Presidents shall assist the President in the discharge of her/his duties and shall attend all sessions of the Local Union.  In case of the absence or incapacity of the President, the President's duties shall be performed by the Vice President, provided that where there are two (2) or more Vice Presidents, the Local Union shall determine which of them shall perform such duties.

Local 276 BY-LAW Article 1:

For the betterment of the Local Union, and a more efficient operation, the Second Vice President will work with each Standing Committee Chairperson to assist in every way to attain a more workable Committee.  The Second Vice President will meet with the Executive Board or President to answer any questions that may arise pertaining to any Committee.

Article 44 of the UAW Constitution

Requires each Local Union to establish 10 identified Standing Committees, they are: Constitution and Bylaws, Union Label, Education, Conservation and Recreation, Community Service, Civil and Human Rights, Citizenship and Legislative (also known as CAP), Consumer Affairs, Veterans, and Women’s.

Keith Crowell
2nd Vice President
UAW Local 276

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