Please read the attached posting in its entirety for full details surrounding these Special Elections.

In summary:


 Day 6 (7/17) production has been cancelled for all shifts this weekend. Those required to work will be notified by their leader.

Final Process repair remains scheduled for day 6.

 The float reduction canvass sheets are now available for days 6 and 7, all 3 shifts. Please sign up to support.

 Trades across the site will remain scheduled for all 3 shifts on Day 6. Day 7 will remain voluntary.

Friday April 30, 2021 is the last day for karen Rohrssen, our Admiinistrative Assistant at UAW Local 276 for the last 36 Years. karen came to work at local 276 in the spring of 1985, and have seen many many changes in the local and the General Motors Assembly Plant. She has worked under Many Presidents and Many Shop Chairpersons, and has been a part of every significant event that has happened at this local during this time.  An Era has ended, and a new one will begin as we try to continue in the shadow of someone that we have relied on for so many years.  karen, enjoy your retirement.

Hear from Carlos Albino from Catalão, Goiàs Brazil show solidarity for UAW-John Deere workers on strike.

"It’s Time to Focus on Jobs and Our Future, Not Discord ….. Act Now ! “

Detroit - The United Auto Workers today announced a broad campaign to have Congress move forward on passing the Build Back Better and bi-partisan Infrastructure bills and Kildee/Stabenow Provision to protect good paying American jobs.